raise for ouise's ork

I had the privilege to work with Louise and the Beings of Light. It was wonderful and very intense. Louise has a lovely energy, and she can hold Sacred space for healing. As a Healer I choose wisely where to go for Louise was perfect choice.  It was my first time, but surely not the last! Blessings

DD – Hungary

I received a Sarah Healing session today from Louise!

It was really powerful, thank you so much Louise. I felt lots of energy in my hands, and my head. I felt very peaceful and calm, and my body felt very heavy as though it was being pulled through the ground. When I opened my eyes at the end I could see lots of twinkling light (not the Christmas lights) and just watched them for about 5 minutes and felt surrounded by angels and it felt like a figure was trying to emerge in front of me but then it went. Thanks again, Louise.


Thank you Louise for yesterday’s distant ‘Sarah and the Angels’ healing session. I could not have felt any more relaxed! Even before we started I felt the inner body tingling from the connection with the angels, and it continued throughout most of the session. The whole session was incredibly beautiful to experience. From receiving the hand anointing to the beloved violet flame dragons coming in to support me, and a beautiful rainbow over my head at the end. My whole body and mind felt lighter afterwards and I’m already noticing changes in my behaviour towards myself and others. You are an incredible and beautiful being, thank you, thank you, thank you. 


What an amazing person you are Louise. Thank you so much for your powerful healing. I am looking forward to learning more with you.

LA – Wales

Louise’s one-on-one distance healing has given me profound healing not just for myself but also my spiritual gifts have come to the surface and are heightened now to help others.

BB – Wales

A huge thank you to Louise. As a healer myself, I know the importance of receiving healing as well as giving healing, so when the opportunity came to receive some healing from Louise, I jumped at the chance. Louise is one of the most unconditional people I know, so full of love for others. Louise has introduced me to the powerful healing energies from Ascended Master Sarah, such a gentle but powerful healing energies surrounded by other Angels & Ascending Masters along with the Violet Flame. I received so much energy and healing going through my body up and down it felt like my body was being pasted in the vibration of Sarah Healing. That night I slept straight through. I got up for work the next morning and I was buzzing I actually felt full of energy, full of life. I would seriously take up the chance again to have such a beautiful healing and totally recommend the Sarah Healing to all.

Thank you, Louise. You truly are a beautiful soul and it’s a privilege to be able to call you a friend.

Much Love & Blessings to you.


Wow Louise, you are a magic worker. **** has just woken up from her healing session with you.  She really felt the warm in her chest and legs where she’s been suffering the most.

Thank you, thank you.

SE – Wales

How did you know that about the places I have had pain in? You’re amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I felt tingling like gentle, but sharp needles in my back, neck, arm, left head and above my eyebrows where I suffer dreadfully with migraines. And (you knew) about my left foot as well. I’m completely amazed. This is where I had the most awful sciatica. I couldn’t believe the feelings I had in my body and you knew where I had felt my healing.

Wow! I need you in my life. Thank you so much.  I’m indebted to you for all of your support and help.

SE – United Kingdom

Aligning with Louise has been a profound blessing and gift in my life! She is a truly gifted healer and intuitive and has gone above and beyond to support me on my healing journey. I have had several Sarah Healing sessions, and each one brings about significant transformation and anchors in a new elevated reality. Louise is an incredibly kind, genuine, compassionate, and empowering light force! She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and radiates pure Love. Louise has an exceptional ability to meet me exactly where I am and make me feel so seen, heard, and respected. Working with Louise and Ascended Master Sarah has already opened so many doors of opportunity for me and created more alignment and harmony in my life. I am deeply grateful to be connected to Louise and on my Sarah Healing journey with her! I am looking forward to training with her to become a Sarah Healer myself. From the deepest parts of my heart, thank you so much, Louise!


Louise is a dynamic conduit and teacher of Light. She travels with many Angels assisting those here on the Earth plane with her collectable Wisdom of the Ages. To get to experience Louise and her Divine Essence is a treat to your Soul with an abundance of Inspiration to fill all of your Heavenly senses. She is a True Vessel of Love and Light! 


I couldn’t even tell you what an amazing person Louise. Last year, I saw that I should be involved in this process, but it was not the right time.

I kept telling myself that if I was to be there, signs of being there would appear in my way. So everything showed me to be here with Louise right now.

I met Sarah in 2021 and I knew I wanted to continue with her. So I came across this course. At the beginning, the main goal of why I wanted to take the course was self-love for myself. And so much has changed for me in these three months. I see and feel that I am the person I still saw in myself that I dreamed of, I no longer dream, but I also become that person. I changed the way I looked, I cared more about myself, my thoughts changed, the way I talk about myself, my eating habits changed.

I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Louise, because she is a wonderful person, a soul who sees you in what you do not see at first glance. Now I look at myself with her eyes and her words, which she told me at the first meeting, that I was a Divine soul. And now I feel that way. Thank you from the bottom of [my heart] Louise. 

IZ – Hungary

I guess I have been what would be classed as a heavy (or at least binge) drinker for the past ten or so years. Mainly in company, but also sometimes while on my own. Over the last year my stomach has increased in size, and I became worried about my liver. I underwent some liver function tests which came back normal. I do realise that these blood tests don’t indicate levels of scarring to the liver tissue. For a few weeks, I felt sluggish and was suffering from heartburn regularly. My stomach was also even more uncomfortable.

So, I turned to Louise for some remote healing. I am always up for giving anything a go but what happened to me was just beyond any expectation I could have had. I was given a time and told to relax. I did this as best I could but suddenly, I felt a warm glow coming from inside and a tingling sensation seemed to wash over my body. My head became clearer, my stomach lost a lot of its discomfort, and my gullet lost its acidity. A very positive experience. I slept like a log that night and ever since have had more energy and a clearer mindset.

PH – United Kingdom

My session with Louise was deeply and spiritually powerful and potent. I could feel her sending healing and energy to me and I experienced a shift in my body and heart. Her caring and compassion and intuitive wisdom are the foundation of her beautiful gift and I’m so grateful I experienced her work first-hand. It feels like my session with her keeps getting deeper into the layers of healing. She is a sacred soul who flows her energy to others to create openings and possibilities of transformation. I plan to work with her again in the future.


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