The Violet Flame – for Personal Transformation and Liberation

Do you find yourself attracting relationships with partners or colleagues that you wish you didn’t? Are you feeling stuck or out of balance with any aspect of your life and feel others seem to know where they are going in life except you? If so, healing with the Violet Flame can help you begin to clear patterns of behaviour – some of which may be due to karmic ties or holding onto attachments from the past. Once released, you can now have closure with any repetitive cycles enabling you to move on with your life. 

The Violet Flame, often described as a cosmic eraser, is an intelligent spiritual energy that when called upon, begins to transmute and transform your energetic ties with any unwanted energies such as unpleasant memories, negative patterns of behaviour, bad habits and karmic patterns. It creates space in your energy field for higher, more uplifting energies to be placed. We often hold onto what is familiar to us and go into a state of acceptance, but this does not always serve our highest good. The Violet Flame helps us wipe our energetic slate clean. The amount of Violet Flame clearance work that occurs, is based on the level at which we are willing to release undesirable patterns of behaviour. This includes accepting that change is needed and a willingness to allow the Violet Flame to begin this clearance work for you to feel freer, more energised and happier because your energy is now vibrating at a higher frequency.  

Do you feel ready to connect with the Violet Flame Transformational Team?  If so, your healing session will begin with Archangel Zadkiel and his Legion of angels who will prepare your energy field by giving it a gentle cleanse with their aspect of the Violet Flame. Next, Omri-Tas, a cosmic being and Master of the Violet Flame will help you release any heavy, stuck energies you might find more challenging to let go off on your own. This process is supported by Saint Germain and Lady Portia who assist you with transmuting blocks you may not even be aware of existing, like limited thought patterns, resentments and grudges. The Violet Flame will help you forgive yourself and others of past hurts because it carries the qualities of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, who are vast cosmic beings, seal your energy field with their Violet Light, helping you sustain these higher vibrations as you adjust to feeling freer from having let go of energy that previously held you back. Working with the VIolet Flame is a life changing experience.

The more we work with the Violet Flame, the easier our life becomes. Blocks and problems lessen and we feel better equipped to deal with the ones that remain because we are more empowered to deal with them and have a better understanding of why they are there – to help us pass life’s initiations so we can move along our path to greater self-mastery at an accelerated pace because we have been able to let go of what was previously holding us back!

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